What Happened To Richard Grieco?

October 6th, 2005 // 37 Comments

I should have been more specific with the question? Why does Richard Grieco look like Skelator?

Celebrity Manorexia Watch: Richard Grieco [Go Fug Yourself]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. erica


  2. Mariana

    Not so hot in the city! (Hope y’all get there reference!) Seriously, it takes a lot for me to say something nasty but that pic scared the fuck out of me! EWWWW!!!!

  3. Bad nose job. Baaaaaad nose job.

  4. Chloe Girl

    Get thee back to Castle Greyskull!

  5. KIM


  6. Scout

    What happened? It appears to be AIDS.

  7. tempy


    I used to love him. He looks tired as hell. I guess that’s what being a closet case coke head can do for you.

  8. Why is that part between his nose and his top lip to long? He looks like a monkey or something.

  9. Nan Mora

    This pic cannot be real!

  10. Natalie

    Wasn’t he a coke addict? Wasn’t he in a cameo of some movie a couple of years ago? In the movie, you can totally see his facelift scars…ugh…Johnny Depp is still well maintained.

  11. ed

    yeah….he can get ANYONE into the Roxbury!! hahah….

  12. Nobody

    Who’s Richard Grieco? I mean, really?

  13. mam

    he looks like derek zoolander!

  14. stinkypuppy

    Ed, thats so funny!! Amilio is wayyyy cooler than him! Hey, wasnt he on 21 jump street?

  15. em chick

    He was 21 Jumpstreet. Some doctor really screwed up his face. So sad but so icky!

  16. Giadana

    That’s the face of a druggie

  17. RubbRubb

    The name is familiar…was this dude in some 80s sitcom?

    He looks scary as hell.

  18. cooper

    Looks like chin and cheek implants, maybe a facelift- his arches are noticably higher. He doesn’t look bad- how old would he be now anyway? Without a full body shot it’s hard to assume it’s manorexia…

  19. Natalie

    Ed–That’s the movie!!!! With the two guys from SNL…the Roxbury movie!!!! Classic…

  20. Kenna

    looks like he and Teri Hatcher share the same upper lip (lack thereof). In fact, they could be the same person…..hmmm?

  21. Tajue

    Thanks, Genevieve! Now that huge space in the middle of his face is freaking me out.

  22. Jim Van de Lay

    I’ll tell ya what happened…
    He became Mickey Rourke!!!

  23. kimmy

    tempy thinks everybody is coke or crack head what about a meth head tempy which r u? jk

  24. Cattt

    Awful! Awful! Awful! He looks like death warmed over.

  25. Erika

    Damm He used to be fine as hell now he is a monster!:(

  26. kel

    Is this one of those photo enhanced pictures to show what celebrities will look like when they are old???

  27. ilostmyshoe

    He looks like Mickey Rourke !

  28. doofus

    if you go to the gofugyourself website where miu linked to, you can see what he used to look like back in the 21 Jump St. days. and yes, he was hot…albeit in a guido-kind of way.

    based on the “now and then” shots they have, I’d say he’s had a brow lift, nose job (maybe he HAD to due to a coke-problem; the nose looks a little bit “collapsed”) and maybe cheek implants.

    I, too, recently noticed him in the Roxbury movie, and I thought “geez, he did NOT age well at all…”

  29. Cyprus

    I agree- he used to go out with Jasmin Bleeth another coke whore. Add some nasty plastic surgery and you get another Micky Rourke…

  30. brent

    It’s not so much his thinness that’s the problem, it’s his fucking expression.

  31. psMike

    ummm..where are his pupils? Tina’s got herself another friend.

  32. bubba

    What happened to Greico? Um, he’s a has-been.

  33. Dianne

    Give the man a break, people!!! He just turned 40 this year! Jump Street was nearly 20 years ago. The man is entitled to age!!! He’s never had a drug problem, just an addict to cigarettes. And that space between his nose and upper lip? Take a closer look at all the pictures you can find on him from then to now, it’s always been there. God!!! Isn’t anybody entitled to a bad picture day? At least his over tweazed eye brows are coming back. Yes, he has lost some weight over the years, in fact it’s gone up and down since his days as BOOKER. Obviously I’m still a FAN, so leave the poor man alone!!!

  34. redrancher

    I agree, he doesn’t look the best…but personally, I don’t look as great as I did 15 years ago either! So he missed his tanning appointments and (perhaps) got mixed up in Yasmine’s addiction for a while. The guy did, and most likely still does, have excellent on-screen charisma…that’s why he’s at the ‘Two for the Money’ premiere and we’re not!

  35. Eugenio

    Come on , he is turning 40 and he looks like ten year older !! And if you notice the actual photos of him and copare whit photos of the 90″s , you will see he has changed dramatically in the past 6 years , Im not talking about photos 15 years ago , im talking about recent photos you cleary see that he suddenly got older and looks really different.

    So , is amazing that someone looks well at his 35 , and then looks really ugly and old turning 40 !!!

  36. charm

    Ok people.

    I can see where you’re all coming from but he’s 41 on 23 March and he doesn’t look like that picture now anyway.

    It was a bad day.

    I still think he’s cute and he has a great sense of humour and a charming smile. He can make me laugh any day of the week and I could name some “celebrities” who have the charm and wit of a potato.

  37. Grant

    Richard looks like that for a reason. He is training for the anticipated sequel to “Navy Seals” (charlie sheens masterpiece)

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