‘The Situation’ Clothing Line Easy To Remove, Washboard Stomachs Not Included

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino thought long and hard about what he wanted to offer the world, and a rap song just wasn’t enough. So he decided, why not do a clothing line? Why not, indeed.

My only confusion is that usually “The Situation” is more known for taking off his clothes than actually putting them on, so I can only imagine what his line will entail. Washboard stomachs are not included.

He’s teamed up with with Dilligaf (which stands for “Do I Look Like I Give a Fuck” bee tee dubs) by Bohica Bill to create a line of ‘couture’ clothing, set to debut next month. Sorrentino was chosen because, and I quote them, “his style is unparalleled.” Except by nearly every other Jersey guido under the age of 30, right?

Sorrentino’s new line will consist of shirts, sweatshirts and accessories, and it will all be available online and in retail stories nationwide. Lookout ‘Faded Glory’ lovers, you may have some new duds to pick up soon!

I’m fist pumping right now just thinking about all of this, but the fist pump that is more a cursing of the gods than anything else.