What Do Lesbians And Kirsten Dunst Bring On The Second Date? A U-Haul Full Of Their Furniture.


Kirsten Dunst followed her latest hook-up to London. Hell, I have trouble following my latest hook-ups out of the bar. I don’t want to stop drinking! Screw them! Screw them HARD!

Kirsten and her new floppy-haired British boyfriend, Johnny Borrell looked very outfit-coordinated while strolling through London the other day. Things are evidently getting pretty serious between the two who met while he was on tour with his band, Razorlight, in the states just a few weeks back. Friends says they are so enamored with each other that Johnny dumped his girlfriend and Kirsten joined the band on tour. Here’s more:

A source revealed: “This relationship is the real thing. They met when Johnny was touring the US and she followed him around like a lovesick puppy.

“She flew to Texas to join him at the South By South West festival then the band returned to Britain.

“But they hated being apart and on Friday she flew to London and is staying in his flat. No one is sure how long she will be here for. She’s filming in Europe soon so she could be in London a fair bit.”

Yes, it’s moving a little fast, but Kirsten looks really happy. Besides, she recently said that she didn’t want a fancy man so an indie rocker seems right up her alley. We can only imagine there will be lots of matching skinny jeans days ahead.

He must have been slinging some magical British D. Well, she is filming there. You know he’s with his friends and like “hey geeza, yeah, I got this bird at my flat. She’s really pale and smokes a lotta fags, and I don’t know how to bloody well git rid of her. She’s not even that fit. Bollocks!”