What Blonde Is Lugging The Vuitton?

September 12th, 2005 // 16 Comments

Find out after the jump.

Why, it’s our favorite boozed up Jessica Simpson.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mariana

    She looks like she has calf implants.

  2. I usually love this girl, but she looks like shit in these pics.

  3. CG

    I just want to point out that she’s wearing the same outfit featured in the “drunken night out” photos. Is someone doing the Walk of Shame?

  4. jane

    She’s got man-calves!

  5. mischa

    I feel really bad for the dog. It looks really unhappy…

  6. Cheesy

    Oh, that’s just a downright unpleasant way to start the day…

  7. jim

    when did they legalize prostitution?

  8. meddy

    she’s beginning to look like a younger washed up version of Victoria Gotti

  9. ian

    r u guys are nuts , she is sooooo fricken hot , yes this isnt one of her best moments but jesus havent any of you ever partied all nite . and to the reference about the walk of shame and same cloths . those pic ar not time stamped , the first one you saw could have been 3-4 am then she went to party a lil more at her friends or enturages house and then the next pic could have been taken at like 5-6 am when the sun came up , yea so why would she have changed. besidesthe paprazzi prolly followed her from the club she left to the party she went to agter , havent anyof you ever after partied after a club , did ya change clothes? so please let up on her , and regardless of the way she looks there you all know you would hit no matter what if she gave you the chance you would toatally hit it ……….

  10. Anna

    That LV has her little dog in it, so this is probably not a walk of shame moment.
    Gross calves.

  11. EmilyB

    Aren’t those the same shoes she wore with that debacle of an outfit from the VMAs? They’re still ugly.

  12. dayna

    Hey Ian, go buy a dictionary.
    I hate that cunt w/ a white hot passion that literally knows no bounds.

  13. Uhm, Yeah

    Adorable Doggy!

  14. ruby_Lou

    Nick forgot to hire the maid again….

  15. jessica

    Looks like she wore her trash bag instead of actually using it for garbage. Oh wait, looks like she put it to a good use!

  16. Jess

    I am surprised at how many people are worried about her outfits. I am appauled at the way Ms. Simpson is contucting herself. I don’t know if all the rumors are true but I do know she is not a person who is in touch with God anymore. She has been my favorite celebrity since newlyweds. Primarily because she seemed to be the only girl my age that had any moral values in hollywood. Now I see pics of her flicking people off, eyes rolling back in her head, reports of hookups with other men while she is still married. And worst of all giving up on her marriage like she did. Only a couple of months before the breakup I was reading Ok magazine and she was staying don’t believe the rumors about Nick and I, we are so in love. I stuck up for their relationship and believed her. It makes me think everything she said she was was a lie. I hope Jessica Simpson, that you remember your roots and your southern values and someday become the girl you told all your true fans that you were, I feel like you really let Nick and yourself down and should be ashamed.

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