What A Girls Wants Is Equal Rights

Christina Aguilera is in full support of gay marriage, and believes that gays should have the same rights for marriage as the straights. Not too mention that the pop diva believes that there should be no set standard for marriage. Furthering her argument she believes that marriage should be about the bond and the love two individuals share for one another, and not about sexual preference. The young singer, a newlywed herself, recently attacked laws that would not permit her pal Lance and his lover, “Amazing Race” winner Reichen Lehmkuhl, from marrying under California law.

The former Mickey Mouse Club star also states that she was shocked that people were stunned that Lance was gay and how much press his coming out received. What are you saying Christina, that the writing was on the wall for the former N’Sync star? I have serious doubts about that because even the guys that were with him 24/7, didn’t know that Lance played for the same team. Christina stated that she is all about no judgment, and having equal rights; good to know that she stands up for what she believes in. While your at it Christina, since you are so passionate about gay rights, why not use some of your time to further equal rights for women too!

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Written by Christy Pastore

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