What A Day: James Franco Denied At Yale, Dies On General Hospital

James Franco has had a rough week. You probably heard all those rumors that he was applying to be a teacher at Yale for his very own ‘special class’ – I’m sure there was a 4:20 joke within it somewhere – but his teaching request has been denied.

Clarifying the confusion in an email to the Yale Daily News, English
Department Chair Michael Warner writes,
“As a grad student in our
program, he would not ordinarily teach until his third year. (Franco)
was referring to another project: a proposal for a college seminar that
did not work out for this year.”

The actor/artist/weirdo is supposed to attend the Connecticut-based college in September to obtain a doctorate in English and film studies.

And if that wasn’t enough to crush your spirits, then watch the video of his dramatic death scene on General Hospital after the jump. And check out the gallery of him on the set with Freida Pinto of Planet Of The Apes below!