What Would Justin Timberlake Do With His Last Day On Earth? [VIDEO]

When asked what he would do with just one day to live, Justin Timberlake would choose to do what any red-blooded man would do: G-O-L-F.  Timberlake told Celebuzz that he’d hit the links AND hang with family.  Though he admits it sounds cliche, we’d have to agree with him-except, we’d switch out golf for a Sex And The City marathon.

PHOTOS: Justin Timberlake Hits The Links For A Good Cause

Timberlake stars in the new thriller, In Time, about a society in the near future that uses time as the only form of currency.  Humans are genetically engineered to age only 25 years, but have to work to earn each second they live after.  He and co-star Amanda Seyfried headed to the 20th Century Fox Panel during Comic Con 2011 on July 21st in San Diego, California.

Check out Timberlake’s interview after the jump.

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