What The Hell Is Vanessa Hudgens Wearing? [PHOTOS]

Vanessa Hudgens is screwing with us, right? WTF? Vanessa was spotted once again with her flipping finger friend Ashley Tisdale, and new boyfriend Austin Butler.

Yesterday, Vanessa was spotted wearing some very questionable pants with massive rips in them, a floppy hat, her favorite fringed purse, and her red bra showing.

Today we find her outfitted in one of the ugliest pair of brown pants I’ve seen in a LONG time (they were so long on her I’m surprised she didn’t trip), an off-the-shoulder printed t-shirt, a sweater coat that she stole from Maude and the damn fringe purse. She can’t be serious?

Don’t get me started on Ashley Tisdale and those fringed boots. As you can tell, I’m not a fan of fringe.