What The Hell Happened To Nicki Minaj’s Face? [PHOTOS]

Either Nicki Minaj needs to fire her makeup artist, or she needs to cut down on the number visits to her plastic surgeon’s office.  Cripes almighty, sister!  What is wrong with your face?

Minaj, 29, headed down to Philadelphia, PA to sign copies of her latest CD, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded at F.Y.E yesterday (April 4th), but I can only imagine the reactions she got when fans went up to get their albums signed.  Frightful!  Is that yellow coloring in and around her T-zone?

Still, Minaj drew a big crowd at F.Y.E, with some fans lining up for the 4pm meet-and-greet as early as one in the morning.  When Minaj finally arrived (45 minutes past schedule), she was gracious and genuine.  

“Worth every second,” one admirer told Philly.com after meeting the rapper. Minaj “was really nice and down-to-earth. She answered everyone’s question, and she signed my chest when I asked.”