What Split Minka Kelly And Derek Jeter Up?

Reasons behind Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter’s break-up are surfacing, and they have a lil’ bit to do with Kelly’s blossoming career.  An insider told E!, “They kept their relationship very, very quiet—there are no rumors of cheating, nothing. And Minka is handling this the way she handles everything, she’s a down-to-earth, real person, a sweetheart, and this took her by surprise.”

“This is Derek’s doing for the most part,” the insider continued.  “If you look back at his relationships, as some of the girls started to rise in fame, that’s when they broke up. Vanessa Minnillo, Lara Dutta, they all start out with sexy photo shoots and then all of a sudden they blow up and it starts going awry. He has a history of it, and he’s just repeating it with Minka.”

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The insider, who has worked with the actress, insists that Jeter’s former flame wasn’t pressuring him to get married.  Shouldn’t Jeter wait to see if Charlie’s Angels gets cancelled before breaking up with her?  ‘Tis a little premature, if you ask me.