What Really Went Down Between Shia LaBeouf & Marilyn Manson?

I honestly have no idea what to do with Shia LaBeouf anymore. Reports surfaced that Shia got into a serious altercation with rocker Marilyn Manson at an LA nightclub. According to witnesses Shia started yelling, spit water first at his date, Karolyn Pho, then at Manson before being escorted out.

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Well, now the record is being straight. More or less. According to People, Shia did get into an argument, but it wasn’t with Marilyn it was with a member of his entourage. One witness said, “Everything seemed to be fine and everyone was having a great tim. All of a sudden, you saw someone go flying at someone else and security jumped in to break it up. Security pinned [Shia’s] hands behind his back and forced him out. His girlfriend was really upset and running behind him. I think the worst part for him wasn’t getting escorted out, but that he fell to the barricade outside on the red carpet and he was on the ground. It was all really dramatic.”

Hot damn. This should be added to his list of bad boy moments. Reps for Shia denied that anything had happened at all saying he left the party when he was meant to. If by meant to you mean kicked out, then sure. Guess this is just another feud we can add to Shia’s growing list.

What do you guys think of the fight? Believe the rep or do you think Shia was a douche? Whether it be to Marilyn or a member of his entourage. Leave us your thoughts in the comments!