What Is Up With Lara Flynn Boyle’s Face? [PHOTOS]

Actress Lara Flynn Boyle has been spotted twice in the last few days, and her appearance has been a little shocking.

Boyle is the latest celebrity victim of “Pillow Face” syndrome, as she was seen on Saturday (March 31) in Los Angeles in paparazzi photos with an almost unrecognizable puffy, swollen face most likely the result of fillers or bad plastic surgery.

Flynn Boyle, 42, was sporting a puffy white jacket hiding her slender frame with her swollen face and a cast on her left leg leaving a Los Angeles liquor store.

Then yesterday (April 3) she was spotted shopping around the Long Beach area of California, before visiting a male companion near by. 

While plastic surgery could definitely be the culprit, Lara is also rumored to be suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and is probably on corticosteroids for the pain, which would be an explanation for the puffiness.

What do think is the reason for Lara Flynn Boyle’s startling appearance? Share your thoughts in the comments below.