What Is She Wearing? Lady Gaga Goes For The Bank Robber Look In Bulgaria [PHOTOS]

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It’s a good thing she’s Lady Gaga, because no other celebrity could get away with this look.

The singer was spotted in Bulgaria this weekend starting off the first leg of her European tour. That’s all well and good. What really caught our eye was the very interesting bandanna Miss Gaga has tied around her face. Is she planning on going all Bonnie and Clyde and robbing a bank?

Sure this is nothing compared the giant hat she’s wearing on this month’s cover of Vogue, but it’s still pretty entertaining. I wonder how her boyfriend feels about all her weird outfits? I guess he figures as long as he’s got her naked, why does he need to care. Right?

Gaga’s new album should be coming out soon and I know all you little monsters are super stoked about it.

Now, back to the bandanna. I love that it matches her top. You think she had it specifically designed for her face? Also, is it giving anyone else faint reminders of when Michael Jackson did it? Ahh, the good old days. Tell us what you think of Gaga’s designer bandana in the comments.

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