What Is Chloe Moretz’s HUGE News?

Kick-Ass foulmouth Chloe Moretz attended the First Annual Comedy Awards in New York last week, and she is brimming with good news about an upcoming project.  Sadly, she wasn’t at liberty to reveal said good news, but apparently we should be hearing something soon.  She told MTV News, “It’s big and it’s crazy and it involves some really cool actors. And it’s HUGE.”  Tell us, damn it!

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What is this big project?  The interweb is buzzing with speculation that Moretz could be joining the cast of The Hunger Games as Prim, younger sister to Katniss (played by Jennifer Lawrence) who is selected to fight.  Moretz lost out on the role to Lawrence, but the actress insisted there are no hard feelings.

Whatever it is, Moretz has entertained us hugely thus far, and we’re tres eager to find out what big project she’s signed up for.