What If Tori Spelling Planned Shannen Doherty’s Wedding? What. If.


Tori Spelling has offered to help plan Shannen Doherty’s upcoming nuptials, which will be documented in a reality series early next year.  “I’ll do the wedding,” Spelling told ET Canada when informed about Doherty’s big day.  “People’s tastes change,” Donna Martin added.  “I could probably comment on the wedding she’d want 20 years ago, but that wouldn’t make any sense. I don’t know. She has great taste, I know that.”

If Spelling does end up helping her former Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star, might we request a montage of Donna and Brenda’s best outfits?  To include: Jackie Taylor’s pink bridesmaid dresses, Donna’s drunk painted-on prom dress, Brenda’s spring formal dress (you know, THAT dress), and Donna’s poofy red dress (another spring formal winner).

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You know homegirl’s gonna flip the Brenda Walsh bitch-switch on Spelling’s ass and it’ll be West Bev allllll over again.