What If It Were Katy Perry and John Mayer?

Oh snap.  It could’ve been you, John Mayer!  Apparently Mayer and Katy Perry were all kinds of flirty the evening prior the 2009 VMAs.  Before love at first sight occurred for Perry and now hubby Russell Brand at the MTV awards show, Perry and Mayer met up at Gold bar in NYC.  This quasi-date occurred after weeks of flirty text messages (those kids and their sexting).  Perry attended a Jay-Z concert at Madison Square Garden where Mayer performed, and the singer (male) asked the other singer (female) to meet up after.  “John thought she was so hot and fun and was into her,” says one source to E!.  All was going well until Brand feasted his eyes upon his future bride.  She sang onstage, and the ole’ boy was hooked.  Buh bye John Mayer.

Too bad.