No Love Lost Between Adam Lambert And Clay Aiken [VIDEO]

May 25th, 2012 // 13 Comments
Oh, how we laughed

I was thoroughly entertained by Watch What Happens Live‘s guests Beth Ditto and Adam Lambert last night on Bravo.  Andy Cohen, Lord Sh*tstirrer of the manor, played “Plead The Fifth” with both singers, a game that could get some into lots of trouble.

When Cohen asked Lambert to name three nice things about Clay Aiken, Lambert paused, shrugged his shoulders and said “Can’t think of any.”  You are so bad!

“Wanna plead the fifth?” Cohen suggested.  ”No, I just can’t think of any nice things,” Lambert assured him.  Ooooooh!  Back in 2009, Aiken slammed Lambert’s performance on American Idol, saying that it made his “ears bleed.”  Lambert is still a kick-ass singer and Aiken wears too much crappy bronzer.  Oh yeah, he was a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Ke$ha tastes like toothpaste, by the way.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. I’d like to see Adam’s face when, two weeks ago Clay Aiken compared him to Malcolm X and called him a turd stirrer on FACE THE NATION! PFFFT.

  2. omg this was such a good ep of Watch What Happens Live, Andy is a genius troublemaker and Beth and Adam were hilarious perfection together! dying at Adam’s face at the Clay question, comedy gold.

    this one’s staying on my dvr for when I’ve had a crap day lol.

  3. Nonny

    Clay also said it in a Huffington Post article a week ago. Clay and Ellen are the right kind of gays, Adam and Rosie are the wrong kind per Clay Aiken.

    A difference of opinion. Clay thinks gays should blend and assimilate. Adam feels everyone should be themselves. It is an important conversation.

  4. Adam Lambert is pure class.. He knows exactly what Aiken said about him. He has the coolness to just deal with the the best way possible. Love Adam…
    Aiken on the other hand is getting more publicity than he’s had in years. Way more then he deserves. He’s such a little worm :)

  5. Jacki

    OMG! Did Clay really say all those things?? What a little creep. He’s ugly on the inside too then.”Right kind of gays”??? What a ridiculous thing to say. “turd stirrer”?? No class at all. Is that why he took so long to admit he was gay? He was too busy trying to work out what kind of gay he should be so that people would still buy his music?? I’ll take the witty, handsome, charming, unafraid, risk-taking, tolerant, positive attitude of Adam over that kind of cowardly ugliness any day.

    • roger

      Why do people always believe crap that is spewed on the internet without checking it out. That’s stupid. He did not say that. He was taking about different types of activists and how important they all are. I understood what he is saying and he is right. There are those that stir up the base who already believe in gay rights and then there are those that stir up those outside the base. Good grief.that’s all he meant but Adam fans are still upset that Clay didn’t like Lambert’s Ring of Fire performance. Oh the horror of it all. I doubt Clay Aiken expects Adam Lambert to like his performances either. Adam needs to quit acting like a baby.

    • That is such bullsh*t and Clay is demeaning the diverse gay community to insinuate that only the heteronormative “straight acting” gays can do any good speaking to those not already convinced. It’s false, and it’s a damaging viewpoint.

      If you have to assimilate to be accepted, are you really accepted? NO.

  6. Adam’s answer is the equivalent to Duh. What? scratches belly

  7. Clay is a nasty troll and he needs help. Team Adam all the way!

  8. nik

    Adam had a perfect opportunity to slam Clay, but he took the high road. Classy! I love him.

  9. Medo

    LOL, great article! ;)

    Adam is an amazing singer, known worldwide. Millions of ppl love his music, he’s singing with Queen this Summer.
    Clay, listened by just a small group of ppl ,sounds so jealous of Adam. Sad. And pathetic.
    Adam, your answer was brilliant! :)

  10. Jenna

    Aiken has always come off as a jealous creep. I don’t know what it is about Aiken but he totally creeps me out. I know people can’t help the way they look but ewwwwww. Aiken’s career tanked big time. He rode the free publicity he got off of American Idol but when the show was done America was done with him too. His music is so old!

  11. Bbal7777

    I can just feel that clay is nasty on the inside too….adam is good hearted. And suuuuper talented

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