No Love Lost Between Adam Lambert And Clay Aiken [VIDEO]

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I was thoroughly entertained by Watch What Happens Live’s guests Beth Ditto and Adam Lambert last night on Bravo.  Andy Cohen, Lord Sh*tstirrer of the manor, played “Plead The Fifth” with both singers, a game that could get some into lots of trouble.

When Cohen asked Lambert to name three nice things about Clay Aiken, Lambert paused, shrugged his shoulders and said “Can’t think of any.”  You are so bad!

“Wanna plead the fifth?” Cohen suggested.  “No, I just can’t think of any nice things,” Lambert assured him.  Ooooooh!  Back in 2009, Aiken slammed Lambert’s performance on American Idol, saying that it made his “ears bleed.”  Lambert is still a kick-ass singer and Aiken wears too much crappy bronzer.  Oh yeah, he was a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Ke$ha tastes like toothpaste, by the way.