Princess Diana On Newsweek’s Cover: Is It Too Much?

Whoa Tina Brown.  Way to publish a TOTALLY inappropriate issue of Newsweek about what Princess Diana would be like at 50 were she still alive (Brown wrote The Diana Chronicles about the late Princess of Wales).  The cover shows a computer-generated image of Diana walking alongside the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate was actually on her way to a wedding June 11th with sister Pippa in the original photo).

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We get all sorts of emotional when we think of Princess Di, who would have celebrated her birthday July 1st.  So forgive us if we find this cover/issue a bit tasteless.   People reports that the article discusses where the Princess of Wales would be living (New York) and what she would be doing (telling her story via Facebook and Twitter).   No doubt she would have been over-the-moon about William’s marriage to Kate.

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