What Do We Think Of Florence Brudenell-Bruce? [PHOTOS]

What does everyone think of Prince Harry’s new lady friend, Florence Brudenell-Bruce?  She certainly possesses the carefree, bohemian hipster look that ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy lacked (she was more beachy-meets-cutesy).  If the Adidas model thought the paparazzi was a pain before…well, she ain’t seen nothing yet.

PHOTOS: We Can’t Help But Wish These Two Would Get Together

Photographers waited outside Brudenell-Bruce’s home in Notting Hill, hoping to capture Harry’s new flame at every angle.  This one looks like she’d made a good princess.  I’m envisioning lots of crowns as I write this.  FBB’s style is a far cry from the safe, girl-next-door looks Kate Middleton is famous for, but we could get used to her.

Perhaps she can convince our dear spare not to go to Afghanistan.