What?! David Beckham Posts Photo Of Victoria Beckham Smiling On Facebook, Photo Diary Of China Tour

David Beckham In Undies
David Beckham is spotted wearing green underwear!
You know the world is spinning off it’s axis when we see Victoria Beckham smiling!

David Beckham took to Facebook on Sunday, June 23rd to show the world that his wife does indeed flash her pearly whites every once in a while.

Even if it’s a selfie (which translates as a fake expression) we will take it! I kind of like this side of Victoria, how about you? Either way she looks lovely.

There is pretty much no such thing as an unflattering Beckham’s photo anyway. If anything, China is proof that Beckham fever exists.

As David wraps up his soccer related tour in China, we wanted to take a moment, and for you to take a moment, to admire his irresistible good looks and good-doing.

Lucky for us, he has kept us in the loop through Facebook, avidly posting a photo diary. Woo-hoo!