August 7th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Here we have the actual new ad for Mariah Carey’s new fragrance – “M”. What a magical, sensuous world Mimi lives in. Hello, lambs! Thank you for all the scrapbooks, and the screen savers, and the cards and letters. Thank you for worshiping me! Mimi has been emancipated and now she’s going on a grrraaannnddd adventure! OK, I’ll fess up. On the cruise all you really had to watch was Logo, and they ran this interview with her about 5 million times. And they were basically trying to get her to denounce homophobia in hip-hop and all she wanted to do was plug her tour. And that was the back and forth. What I wanted to hear about – the crazy years – wasn’t mentioned in the slightest. I want to hear about the New Jersey parking lot meltdown and terrifying Carson Daley with the ice cream cart wearing only a t-shirt and hot pants! Where’s THAT interview, Mims? Hello LLAAAAMMBBBSSS! As for this ad, I don’t think Photoshop had a thing to do with it.

By J. Harvey

  1. green cardigan

    yeah, Mariah had an episode that made Britney look like a phsyciatrist by comparison. That’s all brushed under the carpet and forgotten about now though.

    Yoo hoo, Sane Y’All !! Speaking of shitty rappers, didn’t she had a thing with Eminem?

  2. Chris

    she looks good in this ad. hopefully her fragrance actually smells good.

  3. nymphetomine

    Why the hell does she thinks she looks so beautiful??? Miss Mariah is so full of herself, I think she done enough damage to the world, like little Paris, & now its time for a break. A never ending break.

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