Weston Cage Arrested For Domestic Violence Again

According to TMZ Weston Cage was arrested for the second time this month for domestic violence. LAPD arrested Cage in Hollywood and he was taken to the hospital for treatment of cuts. The cops believed that the cuts were “self-inflicted.” The 20-year-old is still in custody for 50,000 bail. The last time Cage was arrested for domestic violence, his wife Nikki Williams was also arrested because she attacked Cage with a bottle.

Photos: A Bloody Weston Cage Leaves Jail Bloody After Being Charged With Domestic Abuse

TMZ spoke with Cage’s mother-in-law who says “Nikki is safe and away from him.” Weston Cage needs to seek some help because he obviously has a lot of issues. In June 2011 he reportedly went crazy after his personal trainer said he wasn’t allowed to order a certain item on a fast food menu. The argument turned ugly and Cage was beaten very badly by his trainer. We hope Cage gets the help that he obviously needs.