Wesley Snipes Is Undesiralbe

This is just coming out now? We’ve known this for years. Along with we just plain undesirable as a human being, Wesley Snipes is also now undesirable with South Africans.

South Africa has declared actor Wesley Snipes an “undesirable person” after the Hollywood star was found traveling on a forged South African passport. Snipes, who starred in the “Blade” movies, was stopped at Johannesburg airport on June 1 after immigration officials noted a problem with his passport number.

“During the interview it was established that Mr. Snipes did in fact have fraudulent South African documentation in his possession,” the Department of Home Affairs said in a statement Thursday. Snipes, who also had a valid U.S. passport, was allowed to depart but was officially declared an “undesirable person,” meaning that unlike most U.S. citizens he will have to apply for visas for future visits to South Africa.

The problem — including a syndicate which obtained false documents by illegally “marrying” foreigners to unwitting South African women — has raised concern over South African passports being misused, although officials say they toughening up internal monitoring.

What no good is he up to now?

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