Wesley Snipes Stars As Inmate For Next 3 Years

TMZ is reporting that actor Wesley Snipes was taken into custody today and transported to a federal prison to serve out his three year term for tax evasion. His official status with the Federal Bureau of Prisons is ‘in transit’.

Snipes spent years in appeals courts trying to prevent this from happening, but he was unable to avoid the hard fist of justice. He was ordered by a judge to turn himself in to U.S. Marshals. Snipes location remains undisclosed due to security reasons.

You can’t help but feel bad for the dude, it is really hard to remember to do the little things like pay your taxes when you’ve made millions.

Pictured here, the last time Snipes was out in public was when Brooklyn’s Finest was released on February 3rd in AMC Lincoln Square Theater and when he was sentenced in court for his three year prison term.