Wes Anderson’s ‘Moonrise Kingdom’: A Love At First Sight

Mark Wahlberg on 'Ted'
He was okay with looking stupid during filming.
Calling out all Wes Anderson fans. The man, the myth, THE LEGEND is back and he comes equipped with quirky children, orgasmic scenery, and Edward Norton in a scout master uniform. Basically, Moonrise Kingdom is everything you can ask for in a great film.

The basic plot is this: two young lovers runaway together because they aren’t happy at home and desire adventure. The girl’s family, the boy’s scout troop, and the local sheriff then set out to search for them. A rather peculiar plot but Anderson isn’t known for writing traditional stories about boy meets girl. His priors include Luke Wilson falling for his adopted sister, Gwyneth Paltrow, in The Royal Tenenbaums and Owen Wilson lusting a pregnant crew mate in The Aquatic Life With Steve Zissou.

The writing is charming and clever. The words exchanged by the two 12 year olds were credible and honest, but it still contained a shock element because the two were obviously very young and recklessly in love. It was as simple as saying “I love you but you don’t know what your talking about”. There was no fluff, no bull crud, just simple words spoken between two lovers and shared with those of us who were willing to pay the $13 entrance fee.

The scene that instantly made my heart drop was when Suzy and Sam danced on the beach. Personally I am not a “kid person” so I was surprised when I found myself smiling and mouthing “aww”.

And again, Bill Murray, I commend you for your great delivery as Suzy’s father. Just the perfect amount of strangeness and delightfulness. Murray and Anderson continue to be a great team. The dynamic duo, they should be called if they aren’t already.

Personally, my favorite element of a Wes Anderson film is the attention to detail. The imagery throughout the entire film is sublime. Each instance of footage, I want to create a still for and keep forever because they are so visually appetizing. From the shots of Bishop’s house to the portraits painted in the eyes of Suzy’s binoculars, they were all tremendous and complimented the eccentric and winsome tone.

For those of you who haven’t seen Moonrise Kingdom, I strongly advice you to. It is my favorite Wes Anderson film yet and has definitely been my favorite summer film thus far. I know it’s a trouble to find in theaters because it is an indie film but the long commute is worth the 94 minutes of dark humor, tasteful images, and old fashioned fantasy with a timeless colorful tale of love.

Also, I can not go without saying that I NEED Sam’s boy scout shoes.