We’re Sorry For Running Another Britney Story But This One’s Kinda Funny

The National Enquirer is going to claim in its latest issue that there’s security camera footage of Britney beating K-Fed with a frying pan during their marriage. And that K-Fed’s gonna roll tape in court. This is totally the sort of hillbilly behavior that I thought went on when these two were together.

To bolster his case, Kevin has obtained video footage from 15 surveillance cameras that Britney installed in their $12 million mansion is Malibu. The sophisticated security system recorded activity in the home from the front gates to the kitchen in 2005 and 2006, according to insiders.

In one tape, Britney slaps Kevin after screaming at him about a weekend he spent in Vegas. In another incident Britney whacked Kevin with a frying pan. “Kevin was going to use the frying pan, but Britney grabbed it and hit him with it when he turned his back,” said the insider. “He grabbed the pan out of her hand and walked away, but she hurled an ashtray at him. He dodged it, and it hit the sliding glass door.”

With all this fighting when did they have time to make moonshine in the still out back? If anyone has access to this video, please please please post it on Youtune. Please? My firstborn? My remaining kidney? My liver? No, you don’t want that.