We’re Sorry Australia

December 29th, 2006 // 7 Comments

As an American, I generally feel obligated to apologize any time one of our trashy little starlets decides to venture abroad and–well, exist, really. I kind of was hoping that Paris’ name would confuse people into thinking that perhaps she was French, but I’m pretty sure getting away with that BS is long since past. It turns out her reason for being at Australia’s Bondi Beach in Sydney lately (I’m sure you’ve seen her showering with her friend of the moment, Kim Kardashian, in tow) is, as I should have suspected, related to drinking. Page Six of the New York Post reports:

Hilton is Down Under because she’s being paid a reported $1 million to host a New Year’s Eve party for a new beer, Bondi Blonde. Among her duties is helping select one of 40 Aussie beach babes as the face of the new brew. The slogan for the beer – which takes its name from the surfing mecca where Post columnist Steve Dun leavy grew up – is, “at last, a natural Blonde in Bondi!”

How quaint. Using a bottle blonde to sell a bottle o’ blonde. Sounds like those beer folks had a sense of humor when they decided to cook up this marketing scheme. Either that, or were drunk.

More photos of Paris and Kim Kardashian leaving Sydney after the jump.

PARIS’ $1M NEW YEAR’S [Page Six | New York Post]



By Lisa Timmons

  1. The people behind this are some of Australia’s biggest rednecks. They have a surfer deciding if the blonde is articulate enough.

    Bondi is now more famous for being populated with wankers than its beach.

  2. Durelle

    Do you get the impression that Paris insists that Kim K. stay covered up when Paris is in a bikini in major photo ops? Since Kim has a MUCH hotter — no, has the ONLY hot body between the too, it just seems too odd that Paris is mostly exposed, and Kim is wearing a poncho…..

  3. Thanks for apologising…we’re not exactly sure WHAT we did to deserve this.

  4. Libbie

    Apology accepted :) Hopefully this wont result in any of the girls from Neighbours not wearing underwear…

  5. Draya

    When bad things happen to a good country.

  6. DaisyFly

    “at last, a natural Blonde in Bondi!”

    Love that ironic Aussie humor. Get a non-natural blonde to promote your beer with a slogan such as that. Too bad he didn’t also include the line “with a natural woman.”

    That’s a MAN, baby!

  7. Oh Please!

    She is getting paid approx $200K not a mill!
    Not even Australia’s Dumbest would pay her that kind of cash.

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