We’re Quite Looking Forward To ‘The King’s Speech’ Sequel [PHOTOS]

Colin Firth Talks Film
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Can you really blame Livia Firth for staring at her husband?  Damn it, that man gets better with age.  Seems like only yesterday he was standing like a fool in Mrs. Jones’ sitting room, wearing a reindeer jumper and sticking his nose up at the turkey curry buffet.

Colin Firth walked the red carpet tonight at the BFI London Film Festival, looking dishy as hell in his suit.

Did you know that Firth will reprise his Oscar-winning role as King George VI in a sequel to The King’s Speech?  The UK Press Association (via Moviefone), confirms that the film is in the “very early stages,” but that Firth and co-stars Helena Bonham Carter (who played the Queen Mother) and Geoffrey Rush (who played Lionel Logue) are likely to return. 

The follow-up finds the characters in the very thick of World War II, when Buckingham Palace and much of London was bombed.  The Queen Mother (then Queen Elizabeth) was quoted as saying that she could “now look the east end in the face” during visits, referring to both her home and those of her subjects being blitz targets.

“The focus will be on George but it will also show how the whole royal household was affected,” a source told the Sun.  “There’s still amazing interest in the Blitz. The movie is still in the very early stages but everyone’s keen to get going soon.”