Wentworth Miller On The Loose

There are two more months to go until we find out how Wentworth Miller and his fellow inmates break out of prison on Prison Break. In true non-spoiler fashion, Wentworth Miller isn’t giving anything up except for the fact that he does indeed break out of prison.

“I wish I could give you specifics,” he says. “But I will say – and this is something I’ve been really enjoying – that as the pressure mounts and the body count rises and things become more difficult, Michael, who was formerly so cool and calm and collected, starts to fray around the edges. The cracks begin to show, which is a lot of fun for me to play as an actor.”

Michael’s personal relationships in particular will weigh heavily on his conscience, Miller says. While there will still be sparks between them, don’t expect an easy road ahead for the budding romance between Michael and his love interest, Dr. Sara Tancredi, played by Sarah Wayne Callies. “I’ve heard a little bit of criticism that their relationship is progressing too quickly or that’s not how it would happen in real life,” Miller says. “But the fact is, it’s not Dawson’s Creek. When you went away to summer camp, suddenly you were in love by day two. Things happen faster in enclosed, intense situations. And they’ve been through the riot together and Michael’s constantly in need of medical aid and Sara’s a caregiver. So their relationship has accelerated, which makes it problematic for Michael, because he realizes that she’s not a pawn.

As long as we keep having more scenes with a shirtless Wentworth, Dominic Purchell, Amaury Nolasco and Frank Grillo.