Wentworth Miller Gives Us The Thumbs Up, Get’s Thumbs Down For Silly Hat

Wentworth Miller In Plaid
The screenwriter
/actor out and about looking good.
Wentworth Miller is giving us a thumbs up but his outfit is really getting a big thumbs down.

The usually sexy Prison Break star was taking a break from filming The Flash in Vancouver yesterday where he sported this dorky looking outfit.  Are you trying to kill your hotness Wentworth?!  If you are this outfit might do it.  Wentworth has been busy filming the new CW series, so maybe he didn’t have time to get dressed? 

I think I prefer his Leonard Snart/Captain Cold look, even with the grey hair.  Much hotter.  I’m sorry but who above the age of 10 still wears a boat hat!?  The 42-year-old actor could pass as much younger in this get up!  I have a feeling he might end up somewhere he doesn’t want to be this week.

We’ll give him the benefit of a doubt, he’s been super busy and I guess he pulls the hat off.  At second glance its kind of cute on him maybe? Whatever, we’re just glad he’s back!  It seems like he’s been on hiatus from acting forever!  He has a bunch of new projects coming out like movies The Loft and Resident Evil:The Final Chapter.  So that should make up for the times that Wentworth was MIA.

Let’s be honest we can never get enough Wentworth!  Even if he did wear this strange outfit.

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