Wendy Pepper Returns To Terrorize ‘Project Runway All Stars 2′

Project Runway All Stars
The pros are back & ready to rumble!
Heidi's Flawless Photo Shoot
Klum Looks Amazing During Her Commercial Shoot
Project Runway's Past
Remember the drama from last season? O.M.G!
Project Runway All Stars’ Season 2 brings the return of season one villain Wendy Pepper and the horrible Joshua McKinley from season 9. [Zap2It]

Tom Cruise denies that he’s trying to make Cameron Diaz his fourth wife. [Lainey Gossip]

Sophia Bush show you the right way to wear cutoffs. [Popoholic]

Dina Lohan is dishing out parenting advice to Amanda Bynes parents for some reason. I hope they didn’t listen. [The Superficial]

– Seven celebrities who have has supernatural sexual experiences. [The Frisky]

Christina Applegate shares some great advice. Spend less time losing weight & more time with your baby. [Celebitchy]

– Check out Ashley Greene kissing Olivia Wiilde. [Just Jared]

– Wackadoodle Victoria Jackson argues with gay rights activist and fails miserably. [Buzzfeed]

– Crunching by the numbers just how dirty JK Rowlings new book The Causal Vacancy is. [Gawker]

– Just so you know, you can’t make beer with your vagina. Damn! [Jezebel]

– Yay! Joel McHale will be share his weekly soup with us for at least two more years. [THR]

– OMG! Where did model Karlie Kloss’ ribs go? [The Frisky]

Mitt Romney’s trying to get his message across about being a compassionate conservative, but his lobster bib is getting in the way! [Towleroad]

– Rapper 50-Cent has a four step plan to help you stop masturbating so much. [Gawker]

Tina Fey strikes a Holly Golightly pose. With a slight twist. [Entertainment Weekly]

– Guys, you must check out the new show, Is It Manly? A web series hosted by comedian Ben Gleib that will take very little time to provide you, the modern dude, with some rules about what is socially acceptable male behavior. [Egotastic]

– Say it isn’t so! J.K. Rowling revealed on Wednesday that she wouldn’t be averse to exploring the Harry Potter universe once more, perhaps for a spinoff title. [The Wrap]

Justin Timberlake and friends dropped trou during his bachelor party weekend. Take a look! [OMG Blog]

Benedict Cumberbatch denies dating Liv Tyler, but it could still be happening. [Celebitchy]

– Get ready to be freaked out! The Paranormal Activity 4 trailer has just been released! [Just Jared]

Kaley Cuoco gets pretty freaky/funny on Twitter. [CityRag]

– We haven’t decided if this is a good or bad idea yet – Nicki Minaj may be getting her own reality TV show. [Vulture]

– Alexander Skarsgard sure can land the ladies. Find out who he’s smitten with now. [The Superficial]

– Actor Johnny Lewis, who formerly dated Katy Perry and had big roles on Sons of Anarchy, and The O.C., was killed on Wednesday in a bizarre scene where LAPD found the actor, and a 70-year old woman dead. [FOX News]

Samuel L Jackson is fed up with Mitt Romney and would like Obama supporters to “Wake The Fuck Up!” Subtle but effective. [Gawker]

– Dead can be sexy. 18 dead historical figures who are definitely worth banging! [The Frisky]

– Mmm. What is that wooden spoon for Kate Gosselin? [The Superficial]

Olivia Wilde, those are some sexy, sexy curves. [Popoholic]

– It looks like Ashton Kutcher may be getting Mila Kunis to take a taste of his Kabbalah water. [Celebitchy]

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