We’ll Let You Have A Go At The “It’s Not Kevin Costner” Blind Item

March 23rd, 2006 // 9 Comments


Kevin Costner’s camp is vigorously denying that the “Field of Dreams” star engaged in sexual self-gratification in front of a horrified masseuse at a posh Scottish golf resort.

We could have told you that. He hasn’t been A-list in years. Have a go at it people.

A HOLLYWOOD superstar performed a sex act on himself while enjoying a massage, a hotel worker has claimed.

The American A-list actor is said to have dropped his towel and exposed himself to the stunned masseuse.

The woman claimed he then carried out the “disgusting” act in front of her in the hotel spa.

The star – who cannot be named for legal reasons – was on a golfing holiday with his wife and staying at the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews, Scotland.

The masseuse, 34, told an industrial tribunal she felt “abused” by the actor’s actions.

She said: “It was disgusting and, even though he was a Hollywood superstar, I couldn’t believe he thought he could get away with something like that. He abused me and I considered that a criminal act.

“When I was giving his wife a massage afterwards, I wanted to tell her everything.”

The woman – who is claiming unfair dismissal against Old Course Ltd – told the Dundee tribunal she had given the actor a massage the day before during which he had touched her back.

She said: “The next day he came back and asked how I was. He asked if he made me uncomfortable by touching me, but I said no, I was a professional and you have to learn to deal with difficult clients. I asked him how he liked his massage and he said he liked it sweet. I thought it a strange term to describe a massage.

“He asked me if I was comfortable touching him everywhere and I said no.

“Throughout the massage, he kept putting his hand underneath his towel but he never kept it there long enough for me to suspect anything.

“Then I moved to the top of his body to massage his head.”

She told the tribunal the actor grabbed her wrist forcefully, whipped off his towel, exposed himself and performed the sex act.

The woman said she left the room but a colleague went inside and saw what had happened.

The worker claimed she was treated differently by her bosses after she complained about the alleged incident in 2004.

She said: “While before I was seen as a model worker, now they were questioning everything I did.” She was sacked in August last year and is claiming sexual discrimination and unfair dismissal. The tribunal was adjourned until May.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Gretchen Weiners

    Michael Douglas. I think Gawker’s already established this.

  2. Melba

    1st – Michael Douglas
    -while old as the hills of Scotland, he is an avid golfer (as is his wife). I’m only surprised that he can still get it up. He has no problem dropping the towel (ie. nasty fatty ass shot in Basic Instinct, among others)

    2nd – Antonio BanderASS
    -anyone married to that train wreck of an wife (Melanie Griffin) would surely need to get off once in a while.

  3. Loz

    Dunno who it is but Kevin got married last i think making this impossible to be him coz it happened in two years ago.

    Yeh… just thought i’d mention that.

  4. it’s michael douglas. the “american” is a hint about the movie “the american president” i can’t believe he can get it up either but any time he does it without his darling bride must be a relief for her. she’s ten years older than she claims, by the way and she looks fabulous. that’s what tons of money and excellent surgery and trainers can do for you.

  5. jagexpress

    This is an old item … Seems clear we are talking about Michael Douglas …

  6. JPMontoyaGirl


  7. BlazerMary

    Hi, my name is Michael (Douglas) and I’m a sex addict.

  8. BlazerMary

    Hi, my name is Michael (Douglas) and I’m a sex addict.

  9. I’m surprised that you would take Kevin Costner’s publicist at his word.

    Of course, he’s denying it. What else would he do under the circumstances. If, however, you look at the massage therapist’s actual complaint, you’ll see that she cites a celebrity who was close personal friends with owners of the Old Course hotel, the Kohler family (of plumbing fixture fame).

    All this was reported on my blog more than a week ago and is really old news by now:


    This is why all the fuss on Gawker and Defamer last Monday.

    The REAL news today is that a New Zealand tabloid, The Edge, is now naming Costner directly:


    (Be sure to scroll down.)

    This isn’t to say that the fired masseuse didn’t make up her story out of whole cloth. But she referred specifically to Kevin Costner–not to Michael Douglas, Dennis Quaid, Samuel L. Jackson, Antonio Banderas or any one of a dozen other celebrities whose names have been floated since the story first broke.

    Case closed.

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