Well, Hullo There…

April 25th, 2007 // 5 Comments

“And welcome to my home. Let’s teleport into my closet so I can show you a few things about personal style. *shimmering sound* See this jacket? That vomit on it is from me. I took too many Percocets. Percocets can be very helpful when youre feeling stressed or misunderstood. Your personal style is usually built on accquiring the things that you desire. If you want to make an album that you feel should sound like Belinda Carlisle strangling Ann Wilson, go for it. See this dress? And this hat? I didnt buy them together. But they’re a perfect match. Lace is over 4,000 years old and can be worn on any occasion. When you’re down or up, or when you feel like Stevie Nicks is talking to you. I’m glad you could join me. Thanks so much for coming!”

My inspiration for this post.

(Mavrix Photo)

More photos of the ladies outside of Winston’s after the jump.

(Mavrix Photo)

By J. Harvey

  1. Katie

    Hooooooooooly fucking shit. I know what I want to be buried in.

    Ostrich feathers, anyone?

  2. JungleRed

    Holy Moley! Please let Courtney make a style video for everyone!

  3. SaraBeth

    More Brenda Dickson references!!! I loves it….how did we not know about these videos til now? go to brendadickson.com…she writes about her time in PRISON!! In hawaii of all places. This chick is endless hours of entertainment!

  4. rootabega

    i-i–iii am absolutely speechless! where did you find this? i feel like i am on acid while watching that video…i am visiting brendadickson.com immediately

  5. kiki

    LMAO! i totally heart u for this post Jay.

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