Well Done Mr. Affleck, “The Town” Has Become Your Kingdom.

Aside from stating what is obviously a fact, Ben Affleck is definitely getting better with age, it looks like his triple duty gig as co-writer, director and star, of ‘The Town’ definitely paid off.  Coming in at #1 this weekend, with a $23.8 million take in it’s first 3 days, the film exceeded expectations, thanks to a jump in movie buzz generated by the Toronto International Film Festival and hopes of award season success. Starring alongside Ben, is Golden Globe nominated actress, Rebecca Hall, who both attended a special screening at the Odeon West End in London. How do you like them apples, J-Lo? 

And here is the weekends Top 10 Box Office Results:

#1. The Town                        $23,800,000
#2. Easy A                            $18,200,000
#3. Devil                               $12,600,000   
#4. Resident Evil: Afterlife    $10,100,000
#5  Alpha and Omega            $9,200,000   
#6. Takers                              $3,000,000     
#7. The American                  $2,756,258
#8. Inception                          $2,015,000   
#9. The Other Guys               $2,000,000     
#10.Machete                          $1,700,000