Welcome To The U.N. Ms. Ciccone

October 21st, 2005 // 7 Comments

It’s Madonna3.0. She cares about the world, and doesn’t give in to material things anymore.

Madonna has increasingly has been showing interest in world matters — will co-host a gala for the United Nations Association in Pasadena later this week.

Madonna is listed as a committee member for a United Nations 60th anniversary celebration in Pasadena on Oct. 22, according to the group’s Web site; Actor Morgan Freeman is the honorary Chairman of the event, which is being billed as “supporting the UN vision” including “keeping peace throughout the world” and “developing friendly relations among nations.”

“Madonna’s not just the ambitious blonde with the cone bra anymore,” says a source. “She’s evolved and really cares about world issues.”

The timing of this little United Nations gala couldn’t be more convenient. Madonna is in the middle of her biggest promotion blitz for her new documentary and forthcoming album “Confessions On A Dance Floor.” The British tabloid The Sun has heard it and claims that it’s “an hour of pure electronic dance/pop heaven. I can’t find a weak track, and I’m confident the album will be hailed a masterpiece on its November 14 release.”

Material Girl gives peace a chance [Scoop]
New album is Madge-ic [The Sun via Towleroad]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. sam

    why does ever person in hollywood think their personal political agenda will actually help the world? hollywood is the capitol of smut. why do these politicans buy into their crap???

  2. ThrillKill

    “She’s evolved and really cares about world issues.”

    One day she even hopes to be able to find the world on a map. Hmmm…I have a new album out. What is going to be my image for the first three releases?

  3. Silasdog

    Would somebody stick a fork in Madonna, please, cause this bitch left the realms of reality a long time ago. Yeah, that’s what the world has been looking for: a crotch-grabbin’ whore to preach on global issues. Comon, does it get any more twisted than this? If anything, the nations of the world should put her ass on trial for the pseudo-musical bilge pandemic plague she unleshed on the planet 20 years ago.

  4. Cynthia

    Someone ought to do a major study on the celebrity psyche and why their huge egos make them want to run the world and also ‘design’ thjings. Sheesh! Or we could just put ‘em all on a plane Iraq or something….

  5. ThrillKill

    Only if they do a parallel study to observe celebrities who donate/champion causes/work as activists in a more low-key manner. Denzel Washington is a pretty good example, he gives generously to a lot of charities and doesn’t make any spectacle out of it. Makes ‘em harder to find than the camera whores, though.

  6. kissmyass1

    I don’t understand why people are making negative comment’s about celebrities trying to do something good for the world. maybe we should all be looking in the mirror and asking our self’s what we are doing to make a difference.
    (keeping peace throughout the world & developing friendly relations among nations.)
    sound’s wonderful to me.
    Right on Madonna for trying to make it a better world. You get my vote.

  7. Cynthia

    Plenty of people work toward bettering the world. They usually don’t have a new cd coming out though….

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