Welcome To The World Of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes

May 5th, 2005 // 7 Comments

Yes Katie, you’re life has been elevated to the next level thanks to you kissing Tom Cruise awkwardly in public. You will now be photographed doing everything. From the mundane (grocery shopping) to the publicity stunts (kissing in public). Even while your shopping at Barneys. And girl, get some concealer while your there!

Katie gives another dirty look after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. I’m no doctor (or am i) but i think she’s got a case of raging herpes

  2. moss

    Tom Cruise should be quarantined. There’s a scene in “Cold Mountain” where Nicole has a huge lip herpes (not part of the plot or anything) that’s covered with makeup. Poor Katie.. she should sue his skanky virus @$$

  3. Ella

    What else do you expect when you kiss someone who is used to munching butt…

  4. AER

    People are so mean… I love how the media only dug up the most awkward pictures of the two of them they could find. No one shows these where they look like they really care about each other:




  5. ella

    You have to remember that are they both actors…

  6. alok mitra

    tom is not the man for katie and vice versa ( or…should i be comenting on that ) . i heve no idea why people view this as a step taken by katie ( a professional one ) to boost her standing in hollywood ? i think its equally possible its tom who’s taking the step ( remember … the now grandpa cruise …42 years …?)
    P.S -
    TOM & KATIE -Hi alok…
    ALOK – Oh Hi!
    TOM -meet ny new girl…
    ALOK-Oh! , i know her already ..
    TOM-Oh!, you two met each other ?
    ALOK – No Sir , thankyou .what i meant was , she is of my own generation …!!!!!!!

  7. ziggy

    this picture doesnt give me the impression that she´s in love. she just doesnt have that kind of aura that most people in love has.

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