Welcome To Lindsay Lohan’s Life

March 9th, 2006 // 9 Comments

There is some insane video at TMZ showing Lindsay Lohan trying to leave a tanning salon and Fred Segal. With all the paparazzi, it’s utter madness. Seriously, if I were Lindsay Lohan, I’d hire a driver. The scene got so crazy that one paparazzo fell and hit her head on Lindsay Lohan’s car, and a couple other photographers got into a verbal and almost physical fight.

Lindsay Leaves Tanning Salon — Paparazzi Nailed [TMZ]

(Images via Saving Face)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    Why are they so obsessed with her??!! Its not like she is some A-list celeb. I dont like Lindsay but, I feel sorry for her. Ppl say oh well it comes with the territory but, still as a human being everyone deserves respect. The laws in Cali should be tougher on them papparazzi peeps. Its totally insane and your right Miu Lindsay needs a driver.

  2. jamie

    i just laughed my ass off. that is the funniest thing ever. i mean, is this REALITY???? the woman SMACKS her head on the car, and lindsay just steps over her, and the woman grabs her camera and goes right back at it. that had to HURT!!! so crazy…. no one even stops to see if she’s ok.

  3. Small Fry

    All for a quick buck Jamie. Pretty sad and pathetic…….and I’m talking about both Hohan and the paparazzi here.

  4. sb

    thats insane. i think no wonder lindsey has a big head.

  5. natalia oliden

    ithink all the young celebritys should focus more on there work and stop steeling eachothers
    boyfriends because there to many young single man out there they all want the same one our make up your mind and find someone thats single
    that has nothing to do with your friends

  6. erica

    that was equally sad as it was funny. Losers….

  7. parissucksliterally

    I just got held up in traffic for 10 minutes this morning b/c Nicole Richie was getting coffee- the amount of paparazzi around her was ridiculous! BTW she is prettier in person…….

  8. georgiads

    Why was she TANNING?

    Red heads don’t TAN. They just develope freckles

    This girl is such an idiot.

  9. Emma In London

    No amount of designer clothes and fake tan will ever stop her being a ginger minger!

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