Welcome To The New SocialiteLife.com !

Hello fellow socialites,

Notice anything new? Well, of course you did. We took a page right out of Heidi Montag’s Guide to Plastic Surgery and gave ourselves a whole new look! We got a facelift, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty and even had our ears pinned back to give you, faithful reader, a prettier version of ourselves.

So what’s new? Well, basically everything. First of all, you’ll want to change your bookmark for Socialite Life to socialitelife.com. Also, as you can see, at the very top of the page we have our trending topics above the header – a guide to who’s big that day, then below the header are our most recent stories for your reading convenience. And I’m happy to announce our galleries are much more comprehensive and easier to view (just an FYI – the gallery slider is not working as it should yet – we’ll update you when it does) – giving you names and info with every picture just like you asked for. The navigation is much more intuitive for you to find what you’re looking for, including skin pics of David Beckham. Because we know you so well.

We’ve also improved our comments system so you’ll be able to chime in, trash talk or defend any of the people we hold up for ridicule on these here pages. Also, we have new side modules that feature our latest video posts, recent polls, top viewed stories, stories with most comments and we’ll be switching out various speciality topics, including Twilight coverage, specific awards and much more.

With our new look comes a new perspective from our editors as well, looking to really give you more diverse content and being able to offer you certain features (and snark) that you can only get with Socialite Life.

It’s going to be a whole new experience for you as a reader and for us as your editors and writers. We encourage you continue leaving feedback for us on stories and if there are great things we should be covering or you want to see more stories about certain things, you should e-mail us at tips.socialitelife@gmail.com! Be sure to also follow us on Twitter and Facebook and if you like a story, don’t be to shy to share it with your friends!

We thank you for your loyalty, your time, your patience and your sense of humor. So raise your martini… here’s to the future!

Justin Thompson, Editor