Welcome Back, Robert Pattinson! [PHOTOS]

RPatz's Funny Faces
Rob pulls some funny faces in Spain.
After promoting The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 in Australia, Robert Pattinson landed at LAX today (October 25th).  Per usual, the poor guy couldn’t get away from cameras after God-knows-how-long in the air and had to navigate through a sea of paparazzi with his sunglasses on.

Pattinson told Mexican Magazine 15 a 20 that he doesn’t know if his Twilight character has changed his perspective on love.

I haven’t really thought about that,” Kristen Stewart’s main squeeze. “I don’t think it’s changed that much. I don’t think the way you see it changes much. You make your decisions, and it depends on the person you fall in love with anyway.” 

“I’m still trying to run my life, so there’s not much time to reflect,” Cullen said, according to E! News.   “I feel like someone just put me in charge of a train that is out of control, and I’m finally learning how to be in charge of it. It’s hard to deal and accept what’s happened.”