Weight Your Turn: Penguins & More At London Zoo’s Adorable Annual Weigh-In [PHOTOS]

I can’t with these pictures of the eager penguins waiting to hop on the scale.  Today London Zoo staffers lined up animals for their annual weigh-in.  The meerkats were checking out the scale sitch as well, not quite sure why the hell they had to step on it.

The height and mass of every animal in the zoo (over 16,000) are collated in the Zoological Information Management System, from which zoologists can use the data to compare information on thousands of endangered species.

“We need to know the vital statistics of every animal at the Zoo – however big or small,” ZSL’s Zoological Director, David Field said, according to NBC News

“This information helps us to monitor their health, their diets and their general well-being. By sharing it with other zoos and conservationists, we can use this knowledge to protect wild animals, and use it to assess their health, their behaviors and even their ages.”

We’re happy this is all for a good cause, but we’re even happier to flip through pictures of giraffes (look at that neck), curious turtles and the like.

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