‘Weeds’ Recap: To Moscow, And Quickly

If there is one thing for sure, Weeds has made no sense for awhile now. Its been entertaining, no doubt. But as far as plot is concerned? No realism whatsoever.

What better way to continue the fantasy than to stop at a children’s festival and smoke hash out of a penguin’s homemade hookah? Which, by the way, was the shittiest contraption I’ve seen yet.

The gang is in Colorado. Stevie’s poop is radioactive. Nancy takes time out of her fugitive lifestyle to have him seen by a pediatrician. Occasionally in Weeds, the writers will add some semblance of a reality check, like Andy realizing that to Nancy, he is completely expendable.

Don’t get me wrong, Nancy is my own personal hero in many ways, but she is a selfish bitch to be sure. She uses Andy and with no qualms whatsoever. She discusses husband number four right to his face. Andy kicks major ass in the man department and Nancy would prefer to find another DEA agent or Drug Cartel leader to be her infant’s new father. Totally jacked up.

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At the doctor’s office, Nancy is seen on the missing person’s,
listens as she is told that her child may be stressed out, that she
hasn’t even noticed his facial ques and that she may be the shittiest
mother ever. I don’t understand why it takes these types of revelations
for her to realize she is going to have to face up to her mistakes
eventually. Even if she can avoid the crack down from the law, her
children will have some deeply repressed psychological issues from this
and may end up hating her.Silas is finding a replacement as
‘moral family hero’ so he can get the hell out of dodge and I can’t say
that I blame him. Being the oldest child in my family, I so relate to
Silas’ need to take care of everyone and save their asses when they make
terrible decisions. He realizes that Shane needs an intervention. We
all know the best interventions come from siphoning gas out of someone’s
car when you’ve lost the drug money.Well done older brother!  Denmark
is Andy’s Moscow. His description of the Nordic peoples and Copenhagen
in general sounds very pleasant. Could it be an American modern day myth
or reality? The show is about to take us there to find out.