‘Weeds’ Recap: Gentle Puppies

I think its safe to say that this was the best Weeds episode ever. Bold statement? I think not! This episode proved that dreams can come true!

Dean is on tape, divulging the dirty business techniques he performed for Nancy. Several bakeries, houses, buildings burned down and he has no paper work to show for it. I kind of miss Dean. The key here is Thai food. Dangerous stuff, but oh so good.

The Botwin family finally gets a motor home! It may not be what they were originally hoping for, but its as close as these people are going to get. The only trade off is that Andy has to be a pastor. Watching him baptize was the most hilarious, ironic thing yet. Doug was a great assistant as well.

“We need to live as gentle puppies.” Best Pastor wisdom yet.

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Nancy needs some alone time. Yes, that kind of alone time. Do you blame
the girl? She has been under a shit ton of stress with no man in sight.
Most of us wonder why she doesn’t take advantage of Andy’s skills more
often, but apparently she does care about him enough to completely break
his heart.But on to what really matters, Zack MF Morris
bitches! And still hotter than ever. Back in the day I was team Slater,
but now I realize the error of my ways. OMG! Mark Paul Gosselaar you’ve got it going on! Nancy and Zack Morris having it out on the bar top? Dreams really do come true. It’s too bad that ‘Jack’ as his name turned out to be, was married and with children. Oops. Does this mean that Gosselaar
was only guest starring for one episode after the gift they gave us?
That is just cruel. Hopefully, the response from this episode will bring
him back because Nancy needs a man and he sure seems like a great one.
Nancy’s best lover to date. That scene surpassed the controversial
Esteban love scene from a couple seasons ago.The Pastor ruse was
up when Jack’s wife called Nancy a whore. Which let’s be fair, she
isn’t a whore as much as a kind of skeeze. But it sure brought a smile
to her face as they took off to the open road yet again.