‘Weeds’ Recap: Boomerang

This season of Weeds is getting crazy. With no end in sight, the Botwin/Newman family is on the run again!

The moms threaten to end Shane’s fatherhood scandal, but he knows a thing or two about being a badass and he throws the hypocrisy back in those botox faces. I mean, he has killed a chick and all.

Nancy’s drug money gets stolen by her fellow maid. Oh no she didn’t! And now that bitch has an ear hole with no earring.

Silas is liking his version of ‘college’. Too bad though, because its over and he is on the run. I wanted him to tell Nancy to go screw herself, yet he gave in again. But where would we be without him? Shane sure as hell hasn’t developed those rock hard abs yet.

Yes we all acknowledge that Nancy is an evil succubus. But damn it if she doesn’t have a pair of legs in those boots. Hence the reason Andy sticks around and God bless him for it, because that guy is freaking hilarious. When he knocked the latte out of her mouth I wanted to stand up and cheer. Karma levels for reals!

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Speaking of Andy or rather his seed, what’s up with real housewife of
Seattle trying to get knocked up and him being okay with that for about 3
seconds? “Hey crazy clock, you’ve got to go.”Did we really
think Doug was going to die digging his own grave? Nah. Doug is the
resident moron and I’m glad he is back in the game. Now if we could only
see Celia again.The shit has officially hit the fan now that
Shane has been kidnapped by Cesar. It was all because Andy crossed the
streams with little Stevie in the shower. Why doesn’t anyone listen to
Bill Murray? Ghost Busters is to me what Lord of the Rings is to Doug,
the MF bible yo!