‘Weeds’ Recap: Bliss

Doug’s head is in a fish tank, reminding us how we completely forgot about him. Andy Buttwank is the contact info for the phone that Andy no longer owns. Cesar aka one BAMF and the boys are on their way to Canada.

Nancy sets up a deal with the hotel concierge to distribute ‘certain herbal items’. But her hash is destroyed in the hotel washing machine and so she is back at Sarah Conner’s place scoring some more supply.

Andy makes an amazing cuisine which promotes him to sous chef and victim of the spanking machine. He decides his chef catch phrase will be, “Ooo, that’s almost TOO good!” And you have to remember to enunciate on the ‘too’.

Shane meets his fellow stay at home moms at the park. They ask him where the little one came from and he replies, “He is what happens when your school teaches abstinence.”

Doug claims to have tweaked Betty White’s nipple on $25,000 pyramid. I totally forgot about that show. That would have been one epic episode.

The Weeds recap continues.

Silas is in college. Well kind of. He is in some college girls, which is
essentially the same as taking courses. Majoring in Botany? Yeah right.
He is in the hard knock boots school of life yo!When Nancy
needs to trade quality cooking oil to the hippies for her supply, Andy
is worried that she is going to ruin his ‘Eat Pray Love’ moment. “This
is my bliss,” he says.After Shane spends too much time with the
real house wives of Canada, they realize he isn’t the father of little
Stevie. But they do appreciate his reminding them to practice their
kegel exercises. “We went over this, just pretend that your vagina is an
elevator.” Shane has explained this technique better than any magazine
article I’ve read. Regardless of this friendship, those ungrateful
bitches still call DCFS.Nancy may be caught red handed with her
new supply, but I think that this is Shane’s investigators come to check
on the ‘grandmother’. Nancy Botwin would be one smoking hot
grandmother. This is the show where all dreams can come true.