‘Weeds’ Recap: A Yippity Sippity

The episode opens up reminding us when Nancy Botwin said that the ‘Newman’ family would be normal people, living normal lives. I didn’t believe it for a second then and I certainly don’t believe it now.

Can I just say that Nathalie’s hair/wig/mole combination is absolutely atrocious? There I said it. First glance as she walks into the hotel with Andy and Silas almost made me barf. They each describe their various talents and are assigned, “dishwasher, bellhop, maid…”

Nathalie Newman makes one hot maid! Prediction: She finds a hot guest and sleeps with him. I know its a stretch, but I’m seeing that short maid’s skirt getting way too short to lack some type of liaison. And please tell me its not the dude in the bar. Come on!

Silas is a reading prostitute. No biggie. Don’t judge. He is reading such classic novels from the fine collection of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’. And getting paid $50 a page bitch!

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Does anyone else feel bad for baby Stevie? Who the hell leaves their
kid with their other kid, the murderer? Nancy MF Botwin, that’s who. At
least Shane can accomplish stealing a kick ass stroller for the milk
monster. We are assuming at this point he is surviving on grace alone,
because if that baby gets neglected Esteban is going to go ape shit on
their asses.Apparently the chef at the hotel learned to cook
inside of Andy’s mother’s vagina. Its complicated, but a prestigious
culinary school to be sure. Could Nancy Botwin hide behind
Nathalie Newman after the pee incident? Nope. That would be all it took
for me to visit a medical marijuana clinic as well. ‘Doctors note’
a.k.a. one damn fine pair of shoes, check. Clippings bought from Sarah
Conner, check. Throw it all into the hotel laundra-mat and we are back
in business folks. They only teased us for three episodes with that
‘normal family’ bull shit. They knew it wouldn’t last long.