‘Weeds’ Recap: A Shoe For A Shoe

This episode was all about a mother lion and her cubs. Nancy Botwin is back in action and I have to say I don’t miss Nathalie much at all.

Andy somehow gets out of DCFS ‘peeing on baby’ problems. Yeah right? Silas is however,  fluent in sign language. Handy.

Cesar wants to trade little Stevie for Shane. Doug hasn’t eaten in awhile and Andy is putting on the war paint, aka mascara. He and Esteban are ‘frenemies’ after all.

Meanwhile, Nancy shows up to the ‘museum’ or rather the shit ass arcade carrying not a baby, but a MF bow and arrow yo! If Cesar has all this experience, how did he not see that coming? I mean I did and I haven’t had my ear cut by Colombians or my ass turkey basted.

This week’s Weeds recap continues after the jump.

Doug nearly escapes, but reevaluates his decision. I’m thinking the
hunger got to him. That fat kid totally threw out his brand new
milkshake! Ignacio is a smart kidnapper. But he underestimates Shane big
time. Or maybe he knows exactly the test he is giving his favorite
student. I just found out about a new fad diet I’m really
psyched on, cotton balls soaked in gelatin. Apparently, there are
possible side effects. Cesar’s wife has heard this whiny cry
from some bitch about to get killed before and she isn’t falling for it.
Esteban refuses to talk to Nancy. A little hypocritical I’d say.We
all knew that Nancy doesn’t have the balls to actually kill someone in a
public place. But that asshole would have been dead if the locale would
have been different. ‘Pequeno Diablo’ does have balls however and he
definitely would shoot Ignacio point blank. Hence the reason Silas
essentially referred to his brother as ‘a serial killer that only kills
other serial killers’. Sounds oddly familiar. Like the same network
familiar.  The silver lining in this, other than the fact that
the whole gang is back together, is that Ignacio encourages his trainees
to follow their dreams. And the creepy part is that Shane Botwin is
most likely to follow through. Nancy is actually sad about
leaving Esteban. That crazy bitch. She has relationship issues for sure
and only time will tell if she can fill the black whole that was created
when Jonah died.