‘Weeds’ Recap: Viking Pride

Nancy is still in her hometown of Dearborn and still bumping into people she never wanted to see again.

Lars Guinard had a tribute band to White Snake, you could camp in his long hair at one point and he drives a Camaro, need I say more? Silas should be bummed if this dude is NOT his father.

The math teacher is now on Meth. Somewhat problematic considering his unlimited consumer obsession with Sky Mall and his suicidal tendencies now that he knows Nancy isn’t here to stay. Pure fun and magical shower head? It really does sound amazing. As does the west wing Nancy will have for shoes and clothing if she is only willing to have the creepy bastard sleep next to her bed on his massage table.

We found out why women are oppressed. They apparently scare the shit out of men. I find this to be the most logical and empowering explanation given on this subject matter.

Andy needs to kill the Shiite to obtain passports and instead he does a signature Andy move and sympathizes with his victim. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to disaster.

Popsicle Patty reminds me why I hated high school. All those terrible deeds come back to haunt us eventually in some form or another. For me, this is called Facebook. She just had to throw that minute detail of having herpes for 26 years in our faces! Some people are so sensitive, figuratively and literally.

When Silas tells Lars that he may be his biological son, he says a creative explicate. “Mother of shit!” And although I still stand by Jonah Botwin aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is extremely attractive and adorable, I want Silas to feel some sense of place in this messed up family. So I’m selfishly hoping that the paternity test is positive.

“Wonky math does not a father make.” Andy’s equation is the only math I’ve ever understood.

Nancy is now going to tell her story, not to Ellis the fat chick from Dearborn who loves chemistry, but to the San Diego reporter who has been following her. She is definitely news worthy, but will this confession cause more problems in her efforts to leave the country? We await Copenhagen yet another week.