‘Weeds’ Recap: Theoretical Love Is Not Dead

Weeds’ latest season was in a word, random. Where past seasons had a rhyme or a reason for what was happening next and some form of a plot evolving, all audiences had to go on this time around was the family’s new names and their plan to flee the country. Despite this, the season finale did not lack for surprises or plot development, which has created a whole new interest for yet another season.

Nancy is caught in a cluster cuss once again. This women is either terrible at what she does or awesome at survival. Depends on how you look at the glass, half empty or half full. Esteban and Guillermo have murdered the poor San Diego reporter who’s fate was no different from any other man that has had the unfortunate luck of being’s in Nancy’s wake. And she isn’t happy about riding in the trunk with his dead corpse either.

There was a moment there, when we all forgot what an asshole Esteban can be and thought maybe his love for Nancy may win over his evil ways. But then he straight up slapped a bitch. At the very least, he helped clean her bloody nose.

Guillermo is wearing those wacky ass toe shoes. That should have been enough to flag the airport security because honestly, fashion faux paux!

Weeds is always kind enough to give us some racial, religious, or cultural stereotypes in a comical way. And they leave no group out of the fun. However, this time around they chose some poor guy that looked like he might be middle eastern and he made for an easy way through airport security.

Saying goodbye to Silas was hard for everyone to watch, but he wouldn’t be the hero of Weeds if he didn’t come through for the family in the finale. If Silas would have stayed with his ‘sperm daddy’ instead of coming to the airport, everyone would have been totally screwed and have no way to execute a secret plan C. Nancy had to trade her oldest son for her youngest. It was a very sad moment when Silas gave her his farewell, “When you kill her, let us know… just for closure.”

Andy and Nancy executed plan C, which was Nancy’s arrest with her baby in her arms and avoiding Esteban’s capture. I’m glad that they didn’t try plan B if this was the best they could come up with. But it did shock the audience nonetheless and Esteban as well.

Warren the math teacher summed up the entire premise of Nancy’s character struggle when he was arrested and left a sleep wedge full of cash on the plane, “Theoretically speaking, if i were to do something, it would be because I loved someone very very much and I always will.”

Nancy may be a screw up. She may be the most unlucky woman in the drug business. She may be a terrible mother on technicality. But damn it if she doesn’t love her boys very much. So much so, that she might spend next season in the slammer.