‘Weeds’ Recap: Fran Tarkenton

Nancy Botwin is witnessing the complete disintegration of her family unit. It really can’t get any worse.

Doug is back home to get his passport. His wife has a new butler husband, who Doug sees as an asshole. The truth is, this guy makes Doug looks like a friggin dumb ass. Even though its not hard to do, this dude did know Jack Kerouac and Sidney Poitier. He is an architect and a jazz pianist. There is really no contest. It makes you remember that Doug is a pointless character and should be eliminated like Celia, Conrad and Heylia, who were much more fun to watch.

Nancy is still with ‘Ellis’ or whatever the hell his name is. The San Diego reporter is paying her money to tell her story. Is our heroine really that desperate after all she has been through? This women is tough as nails, which is why I’m baffled by the sheer idiocy at her giving this douche bag an interview. Its not only unwise, but just plain unrealistic. She would never want to attract extra attention to herself at this point. This is a small flaw in the story line.

Andy’s fake murder video was intense. I’d like to know how he pulled it off, but I didn’t ever want to know how they pulled off a dead dude’s penis. That was only slightly less than traumatizing and frankly grotesque.

This Silas drama shit is ripping my heart out, but even I can’t deny that they’ve been preparing us for this moment for awhile now. It was bound to happen. Silas was like the undaunted hero of the family and Nancy keeping his possible exclusion from that family a secret is unforgivable. At the very least, he has an explanation now for his seemingly ethical core which is not shared by anyone he is ‘related’ to.

It truly blows that Esteban showed up in his starched Lacoste polo with his rippling pectorals to remind us why we all questioned his sexuality and laughed at Nancy’s assertion that he is in fact gay. Its just a bummer all around. But damn it if Nancy Botwin doesn’t find a way out of yet another debacle.