‘Weeds’ Recap: Dearborn-Again

Weeds is consistently staying hilarious. There were a few episodes that were slightly depressing in terms of the group fleeing, Shane killing someone and Silas’ life being destroyed. But things have been more and more creative lately, which makes for great comedy.

The family is stopping in Dearborn, Michigan to give one last goodbye to Nancy’s old life and to make one huge score so they can move to the Nordic country. It could be another ploy by the writers to keep us interested and this may not even happen, but their plot lines are running thin. Next season would be great in Copenhagen and add a whole new twist.

Rather than staying with Nancy’s judgmental sister, they decide to shack up with her pervy high school math teacher, aka Richard Dreyfuss. Oh yeah and we are all positive that he totally hit that. However, Silas finds out from an old yearbook that Nancy had a steady boyfriend all through school. This man is blonde, acts like a surfer, has a chiseled body and does not have a ‘Jew fro’ as Shane delicately put it. This dude being Silas’ biological father is so Nancy and the casting on this guy fit Silas perfectly. It doesn’t surprise us as an audience in the least. I don’t think she hid this from Jonah, but I think she conveniently didn’t mention it to anyone else. We wait for the DNA swab’s glorious return!

The math teacher is totally creepy and Doug is hyped up on Andy’s secret ingredient. I’d love to know how Doug continues to defy logic and death. Perhaps God is saving him for a triumphant contribution, but I doubt it. His purpose is ‘idiot savant’ and none other. After Andy attempts to get passports from the Muslims, who cleverly rip him off and direct him to Uncle Sam, Nancy realizes she needs more than hash to leave the land of the free. She is now the distributor of terrible hang over du jour.

P.S. SkyMall does have some cool shit. Also, I totally called it with that dude Ellis in the cemetery. He was FBI from moment one.  ‘Freshman when Nancy was a senior’ was like the biggest joke ever told with Baldy McBalderson. Well, next to Nancy ever considering sleeping with him when a couple days ago she was boning Zack MF Morris on a bar top! The standard is set oh so high now.